Property Pest Control

Layering on tick repellent before hiking or camping may be the most effective way to prevent ticks, but what about when you are playing or working in your yard? Is emptying another can of repellent the best way to stay tick-free? Like any pest issue, targeting the root of the problem is more efficient and likely to keep pests away.

How to avoid ticks:

1. Invest in fencing around your property to keep wild animals such as deer and raccoons away. Wild animals often carry ticks.

2. Wood piles are often home to mice and other tick-carrying rodents. Storing wood neatly on an elevated surface can discourage rodents from making themselves at home.

3. Mow grass frequently. Tick larvae rely on tall vegetation such as grass to come into contact with hosts.

4. Keep decks, patios, and playgrounds in sunny locations. Ticks avoid areas with direct sunlight and prefer wet and cool environments.

5. Remove fallen leaves, as they can serve as shelter for ticks.

6. Place a barrier of wood chips or gravel between your property and wooded areas, around play equipment, decks, and patios. This will deter ticks from migrating to the surrounding greenery.

7. Keep garbage containers secured to discourage tick-carrying wildlife from entering your property.

8. Schedule a tick suppression service with Bug Zero to treat areas ticks frequent. Our mosquito and tick suppression treatment is an add-on service to our residential service package, InsectaShield®.

Not only do these steps aid in eliminating the opportunity for ticks to make you their host (yikes!), but you are also protecting yourself from tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease. Approximately 30,000 cases are reported in the United States each year. However, it is believed around 476,000 people get the disease yearly. Get in touch with your local pest experts to discuss how we can help protect you.