Happy Termite Awareness Week! This is the
time of year when subterranean termites “swarm” in the Springfield and Cape Girardeau, MO areas. Even
though nobody wants to find swarmers in their home, it is better than
having termites and not knowing about it. The swarmers indicate
the presence of a well-established termite colony. What to look for:
Termite swarmers generally emerge by the hundreds on warm days during a
rainy period. They are black, about the size of an ant, and have wings
that easily break off. If you find something like this, save a few
specimen and call Bug Zero for help with a positive identification.  Our service area covers a 75 plus mile radius around Springfield, MO which includes Branson and Ozark.  In our Southeast Missouri area it includes Perryville, Sikeston and the great part of the Cape Girardeau area.