Spiders 101

Spiders 101

Knowing the different species of spiders is not exactly common knowledge. They can be found in different sizes, colors, and shapes making it difficult to identify the specific species they are. In the case that you are able to identify your pesky intruder, do you know its behavior and diet? Here is some additional spider information.


What are the most common house spiders?

-American house spider

-Hobo spider

-Woodlouse spider

-Cellar spider

-Wolf spider

-Brown recluse

-Black widow

Out of the seven most common house spiders in Missouri, two are venomous and that is the brown recluse and black widow. They can be identified with either a violin-shaped mark (brown recluse) or a red hourglass shape (black widow).


Where do they come from?

One of the first questions to ask when you start noticing any pests is, “where are they coming from?” Spiders normally make their way into homes through cracks, windows, air vents, doors, garages, or any other opening they may find.  They can even find those small holes where your cables or pipes connect to your house. Spiders can also be found on clothing, or other items brought in from outside.


What is their behavior and diet?

Spiders follow where their food source goes. That’s why when you start seeing other insects, spiders are normally not too far behind. As they migrate inside, following their food source, they find either a wet or dry, dark area to hide depending on the type of spider. Ones that prefer a moist space find basements, bathrooms, or crawl spaces to hide. Spiders that prefer drier spaces look for air vents, attics, and room corners.


How can I get rid of house spiders?

While there may be DIY methods to get rid of these pests, no solutions are long-term. We recommend contacting Bug Zero for your pest control options.

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How should I prep my home for fall pests?

How should I prep my home for fall pests?

Who doesn’t love to get cozied up on a crisp autumn evening? Much like we humans love getting inside to some comfortable warmth during this season, so do many pests. Fall is the time of year that pests like mice, crickets and spiders make their journey into your home to get in on the comfy, cozy action.

Here are a few tips we suggest to keep your home protected from these uninvited seasonal guests.

  1. Keep places such as basements, attics or crawl spaces dry and ventilated. Since many pests are attracted to humid locations for survival, use things such as a dehumidifier to keep the aforementioned areas dry.
  2. Be on the lookout for cracks in foundation around the house. They may be small spaces, but plenty of pests can make their way through these unintentional entryways. Use caulk to seal those areas up.
  3. If you keep firewood near the home, move it away from the house. As a rule of thumb, it needs to be kept at least 20 feet away from your home and preferably not in direct contact with soil.
  4. Keep counters clean and remove crumbs or any food remnants from the home. Pests love feeding on our leftover morsels. And don’t forget, they love pet food too! Put away pet dishes after pet feeding times. Also do not feed your outside pets more than they will consume. Leftover food attracts mice and wildlife.
  5. Try to inspect any storage boxes, packages or shopping bags that come in the home. Shake or clean them out to rid the container of any critters. Storing belongings in plastic tubs with sealed lids is preferred over cardboard boxes.

If you want to feel an extra sense of security this year, trust us to keep your home protected from these pests.

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