Commercial Pest Prevention Tips

Commercial Pest Prevention Tips

Commercial Pest Control

As the temperature slowly falls around this time of year, it is common for pests to begin their hunt for a place to hide in warmer conditions. Unfortunately, those spaces consist of offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and many other commercial properties.

Some of the more notable insects that might be entering your business are flies, ground beetles, and spiders. It is imperative that you take preventive measures due to the large range of diseases that these insects may carry. Below is some information on how to prevent these pests from calling your commercial space home this fall.


Flies are not only considered one of the most bothersome insects to be circulating on your commercial property but also one of the most unsanitary. This specific insect is attracted to all kinds of garbage, excrement, and decaying materials where it picks up transmittable diseases that can harm humans.

To maintain safety for employees and potential customers it is important to take the following preventative measures. Double-check that all garbage cans have sealed tight lids. Don’t let food sit out over a prolonged period of time and ensure all food is stored properly overnight.

Any damp mops that sit after usage increase the possibility of attracting flies. Fix any leaking pipes that could be used as a source of water and check the seals and screens of all windows and doors.

Occasional Invaders

There are a handful of occasional invaders like Boxelder Bugs, Stink Bugs, and Asian Lady Beetles. Boxelder Bugs are sometimes found trapped around doors and windows, inside walls, and in any tiny holes or crevices. Asian Lady Beetles, which appear to look like slightly larger ladybugs, enter buildings the same way Boxelder Bugs do.

Stink Bugs are also a very popular fall pest that likes to creep into commercial spaces. Lights and reflective surfaces attract them.

For all of the occasional invaders above, one thing you can do to prevent them from entering your commercial space is to make sure all windows and doorways are sealed properly. If you see daylight under a closed door it is a potential entry point.


Fall is an important time to take preventative measures against spiders since this is the time of the year they start to lay their eggs.

These eggs will stay dormant until they hatch in the spring. Removing webs with a vacuum or broom is a good way to deter them, but not all spiders build webs. Some hide in dark places, making any office or commercial property the perfect place to thrive.

One dangerous spider bite can be detrimental to any business when putting employees at risk. Checking all window and door seals and replacing ones that have grown old and have stopped working will help prevent these little critters from entering.


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy work environment free from any pest that might bring harm to employees or customers. Having any of these pests present in your commercial space opens up the risk of safety violations, fines, and even the possibility of having to shut down your business.

Spiders can inflict poisonous bites, and flies can transmit diseases. Don’t risk the safety of your business or employees by neglecting the ways to prevent these pests. Instead of just deterring pests, consider eliminating them by contacting your local pest experts. At Bug Zero, we offer services to help suppress or eliminate flies, ground beetles, spiders, and more.