Spending your summer evening outside is not always the most enjoyable activity. Most of the time you are surrounded by mosquitoes no matter the amount of bug spray you pack on. Due to their size and being most active from dawn to dusk, they are often times hard to spot before they bite, leaving you itchy for several days. These small, six legged pests can vary in color. Mosquitoes can have a black or grey coloring with white, green, or blue markings.


While mosquito bites are common throughout the summer months, it is important to acknowledge the danger of a bite. Typically you are left with an annoying itch that can be remedied with itch cream, but these pests can also inject dangerous viruses. The most common virus spread by mosquitoes is the West Nile virus. Others include the zika, chikungunya, dengue and malaria.


To minimize the number of mosquitoes found in your yard, it is key to remove options for a breeding ground if possible. Their breeding grounds can be found anywhere with stagnant water. A few examples are air conditioner drip trays, gutters, trash cans, old tires and dog bowls. A female mosquito will lay several hundred eggs in or around water, so it is important to limit the opportunity for reproduction.


Just because breeding ground options nearby can be eliminated does not mean the pests are gone for good. Professional treatment is the best answer. Bug Zero can treat the foliage in your backyard including shrubs, trees, lawn areas, and shaded areas around your deck and backyard fencing. The treatment will remain active for up to 60 days and will help keep away mosquitoes so you can enjoy your summer outdoor activities. Contact Bug Zero today for your pest control options.


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