It’s time to decorate for Halloween! Don’t forget to set out the plastic spiders and bats. While the decorative pests are not likely to give you a scare, real-life pests will. Be on the lookout for these creepy crawlers this month.



Large or small, spiders can cause anyone’s skin to crawl (especially around Halloween). The United States is home to around 3,500 species of spiders, making it extremely likely that at least a few are hiding out in your house. Luckily most do not pose a threat. Two venomous species to steer clear of are the brown recluse and black widow. You can avoid them and other spiders by eliminating clutter in attics, basements or any other low traffic, dark areas. Pulling out Halloween décor from storage? Examine the boxes/items and wear gloves.

Mice and Rats

These more noticeable pests can cause quite a scare. From their hairy appearance to the house damage they may cause, they can take anyone off guard. Rats and mice can squeeze through small openings, resulting in easy access to your home. They are known for spreading diseases and can easily contaminate food once inside. It’s important to watch for droppings, nests and chewed wires, as these are all signs of an invasion. If you have stored your spooky décor in cardboard boxes, be on the lookout for gnaw marks and consider switching to plastic totes.

Bed Bugs

Similar to vampires, this pest feeds off of human blood. They may enter your home undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds, couches and other items. Their initial hiding places are typically mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards to have easy access to feed at night. They leave behind red, itchy marks on the skin. If you are renting or purchasing a Halloween costume from a second hand store this year, be sure to examine it for bed bugs or eggs.


If you encounter any of these spooky pests contact Bug Zero to explore your treatment options!


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