When weather turns cold, humans aren’t the only ones who make plans to avoid the cool temperatures. Insects of all kinds have unique ways to protect themselves from the elements. Many assume the insects just die during the cold months, but in actuality, they find shelter and hunker down for the winter.

These are a few insects that have wintertime protection plans.

These summertime nuisances couldn’t possibly survive outside during the winter months, right? Wrong! They have a hibernation routine you may not believe. Mosquitoes take shelter in places like hollow logs to hide out. As spring nears and the temperatures rise, female mosquitoes find blood sources and begin developing eggs. 

Some species of termites burry themselves deeper into the soil they are in to avoid freezing. Others take to dry wood to hibernate. When the weather is more suitable for their living, termites will re-emerge and begin mating and nesting. It’s not uncommon for us to find active termites during the winter months.

Though they may be small, they prove a mighty opponent to winter weather. Ants eat extra during the fall months to fatten up for the winter months so they can survive weeks without eating. They then find shelter deep in the soil or under rocks until springtime arrives, rested and ready to get back to being pesky.

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