Bug Zero Can Help With Termite Control

Termites are an important pest to avoid for homeowners. Since termites feed on cellulose material, like wood or paper, their presence can mean disaster for your home’s structural support. Bug Zero are termite control experts who will help you prevent termites from ever feasting on your home, and we will get rid of them if they’ve already arrived.


The best defense against termites is preventative treatment and monitoring through our InsectaShield® program. We’ll install termite monitors surrounding your home that will catch any activity early so we can take care of it before it’s a problem. If we find any termite activity upon our initial inspection, we’ll spot treat that day.

Building a House?

If you’re building, Bora-Care is an ideal option. We’ll pretreat the lumber that goes into your home with Bora-Care, which will protect against termites for the life of the wood. The active ingredient, borate salt, works by altering the digestive system of a termite, eliminating the pests before they can eat through the wood. Borate salt also doesn’t degrade over time, keeping your wood protected long term.

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Signs of Termites

The Eastern Subterranean termite is the most common in North America. These termites build colonies with an average of 300,000 workers, but can range in size anywhere from 200,000 to 5 million  workers. There is often more than one Subterranean colony found working in a building.

Termites build what are essentially covered roadways out of dirt and debris. These connect the termite colony to the wood they’re feeding on. If you notice any dirt-colored tubes around your home, these are telltale signs of termite activity.



Termite swarms occur when mature adults leave the nest en masse, usually in the springtime. These termites are attracted to light and can be found near light fixtures, or if a nest is inside a house, they can be seen working their way through cracks in a foundation or interior wall. Kings and queens can also leave behind their translucent wings during a swarm, another sign you might notice. Swarms are often one of the first indicators to a homeowner that there’s a termite problem.


If you’re having trouble with termites, don’t let them do any more damage to your home’s structural support. Our philosophy is to use the most effective treatment right out of the gates, so we implement a soil treatment method rather than a termite-baiting system. With soil treatments, we eliminate the colony with one service instead of betting on termites to find and take the bait.

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