InsectaShield® is Bug Zero’s signature pest control plan. This proactive, preventative service ensures your home is free of pests like ants, spiders, mice, and termites by stopping them before they ever get inside. InsectaShield® includes 6 treatments a year. Most homes require only 1 indoor service per year, so you don’t have to alter your schedule to keep your house pest free. It also includes a continuous warranty between treatments, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

You know you can count on InsectaShield® because it’s what our technicians use at their own homes. Company founder Ivan Eftink tested and perfected the program on his house in Springfield, Missouri, and then brought the service to customers across a three-state region. Based on a scientific approach to pest control, the bimonthly exterior treatment schedule has proven more effective than quarterly interior treatments.

5 Steps to Protecting Your Home

Step One: Inspection

We’ll start by thoroughly inspecting your home so we can understand your pest control needs and look for any existing problems. From this inspection, our trained technicians will put together a treatment plan catered specifically to your home. If we notice any termite activity, we’ll perform a spot treatment right away.

Step Two: Initial Treatment

Our comprehensive indoor and outdoor treatment will eliminate any pre-existing pests and stop future pests from getting inside. We’ll focus on prime entry and hiding areas like cracks, crevices, attics, and crawl spaces. Once-a-year indoor treatments will be renewed annually at no additional cost.

Step Three: Termite Monitoring

Early detection termite monitors will be installed in strategic places surrounding the exterior of your home. If we detect any termite activity down the road, we’ll spot treat immediately at no additional cost.

Step Four: Rodent Stations

Tamper-resistant rodent stations will be placed around the perimeter of the home. These stations eliminate rodents before they have a chance to enter your house. The stations are specially designed so the bait inside can’t be shaken out, so they’re safe for all children or pets who frequent your yard.

Step Five: Exterior Maintenance

Every other month, a Bug Zero technician will inspect and treat the outside of your home for insects, termites, and rodents. This bimonthly treatment schedule is highly effective at eliminating pests at the source, before they have a chance to come inside your home. We rotate our products based on the season, so we’re always working one step ahead of the next seasonal pest.

Plus Add-On Services

We also offer several packages for more specific pests you might wish to avoid. These packages stack onto your existing InsectaShield® service.

Plus Mosquitoes & Ticks

$25 / month

If you spend much time in your yard, you know that there are plenty of bugs that cause itching and irritation. This service provide suppression of mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, fleas, and other pests that might keep you from enjoying an afternoon playing outside with your kids or relaxing around a firepit with friends.

Plus Systemic for Japanese Beetles

$12 / month, up to 8 plants; additional plants quoted at a discounted rate

Protect your plants from becoming a meal for Japanese Beetles. We’ll treat your plants at the roots ahead of peak beetle season. These pests will be eliminated if they try to take a bite out of your plant.

Plus Brown Recluse Spiders

$8 a month

Nobody likes uninvited spiders in their home, especially potentially harmful ones like Brown Recluses. If your home has problems with these eight-legged pests or if you don’t want to take a chance on ever encountering one, this plus service will set your mind at ease.

Plus Flea

$8 / month

We understand that your pets are family. Protecting your pet and your home from fleas can be an endeavor, but this plus treatment will keep you and your pets happy and flea free.

Plus Snake Away

$20 / month

Snakes have an important job to do in the wild, but that job shouldn’t have anything to do with your home. This treatment will keep snakes where they belong and your yard safe for you and your family.

Are you ready to leave worry about pests and insects in the past?
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