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Fleas have the ability to reproduce rapidly which adds to the difficulty of flea services. A veterinarian can recommend the proper and best methods for treating your pets however in order to gain control of the fleas on the interior of your home it’s important to contact a licensed flea exterminator.

Bug Zero’s detailed home flea removal service will eliminate fleas from your home. We also can service exterior areas of pet harborage which can often be breeding grounds for fleas that lead to them being transferred to the interior. We also offer a flea prevention “add on” as part of our residential InsectaShield termite and general pest service program. This program is aimed at preventing future flea issues.

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Home Flea Removal Common Questions

A: Within reasonable limits, cleanliness of the carpet has little impact on flea control. However, to the extent that carpet cleaning eliminates carpet matting and gets the fibers to stand up straight, penetration can be improved. If you want to clean your carpet, is should be done prior to our application, or after you are satisfied that the fleas have been eradicated. Carpet cleaning removes our material.

A: Leave it turned on. It will reduce humidity in your home and shorten dry time.

A: As an alternate to discarding the vacuum cleaner bag after each vacuuming, it can be placed in a black trash bag and left in direct sunlight. The heat will kill fleas.

A: Vacuuming helps to physically remove some flea pupae, thereby reducing the number of newly-emerged adult fleas you will see following treatment. In addition, it can help to expedite emergence of adult fleas, thereby shortening the length of time you continue to see fleas.

A: Some uninformed “professionals” frequently tell clients that fleas can be eradicated in just a few days. While it may happen on occasion, it certainly is not the norm. No flea control products currently available will penetrate the pupae. Therefore, pupating fleas will not be affected until they emerge as adults.

A: Some uninformed “professionals” tell clients that multiple applications are required for flea control. This was true prior to the development of “insect growth regulators” (IGRs) in the early 1990s. IGRs break the development cycle of fleas enabling us to achieve control in just one application.

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