The arrival of spring calls for spring cleaning. As homeowners, it is important to include pest control along with other tasks on the spring cleaning to-do list. The warmer weather brings out the pests that may have been taking shelter in your home for the winter. To reduce their chances of survival into the spring months we have come up with a few pest control cleaning tips for you.


Pests look for food and water sources. With this being said, your kitchen becomes an easy target. One of the first steps to protecting your kitchen from invasion is to wipe down surfaces that may contain food particles. By thoroughly wiping down your countertops, there is a lower chance for pests to find leftover dinner crumbs.


This then leads us into wiping down all surfaces that could contain sticky substances or spills. Knocked over drinks are a frequent occurrence in most homes and it is crucial to clean up the liquid before it attracts unwanted friends. Spills not only happen in the kitchen, but also on coffee tables in the living room or even nightstands in the bedroom.


Another cleaning tip is to vacuum and mop those tough to reach places. This may include pulling kitchen appliances away from the wall or moving the dining room table. We must take into account these hidden spots as it is an easy place for crumbs to hide.


While crumbs may be a frequently mentioned food source, it is important to address open food containers inside food pantries and cabinets. A slightly open package of cookies could be the perfect sugary source for pests. By checking all food items and ensuring they are sealed will help to diminish food sources for invaders.


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