Fall is just around the corner. Leaves will begin to change colors, the air will get cooler and for most, the furnace will kick on. As we attempt to stay warm inside, pests will to do the same. Keeping your home pest-free means pest-proofing your home and knowing what pests to keep an eye out for. Two of the most common pests to take shelter in the fall are mice and spiders.


Mice are a danger to your health and home. A common sign of a mice infestation is droppings. Their feces can carry viruses such as Hantavirus and Salmonella, and this can result in contaminated food items. These pests are also known for bringing in other pests such as fleas, lice, and ticks, which will increase the chance of another pest invasion.


Just like several other pests, mice can be known for causing structural damage. They will chew and gnaw on wood, wires, and more. In order to build nests, they will gather insulation from walls and other fibrous materials. This can include items in your home such as clothing and paper.


Fall is mating season for most spiders. This increases the likeliness of you seeing them and their webs in your home. A few of the more common spiders you may see in the fall are house spiders, wolf spiders and brown recluses. While not all spiders pose as a threat to your health, spiders such as brown recluses do. Shaking out clothing, shoes, sheets, and towels can help prevent the likeliness of a bite.


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