Summer Time Pest Control

Backyard gatherings with friends and family can lead to the best memories. Father and son manning the grill, kids playing tag, friends sharing a drink while catching up. What a great time! But then, here come the mosquitoes as the sun begins to set. And the flies as you prepare dinner. It can quickly turn a relaxing and fun time into a war with pests. Here are some tips on how to take backyard bug control to the next level.

Provide and apply insect repellent

Whether you prefer a DIY insect repellent or one from the store, applying an insect repellant can help prevent mosquitoes from biting.

Use yellow lightbulbs outside

Insects are less attracted to yellow light bulbs so installing them in your outdoor lighting can help with your backyard bug control efforts.

Drain standing water

Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes due to it being a possible laying ground. Drain water such as dog bowls and birdbaths.

Mow your lawn

By mowing your lawn before guests arrive, you can eliminate hiding ground for pests such as mosquitoes to achieve optimal backyard pest control.

Turn on fans

Setting up fans can help prevent pests from going after you and your food during gatherings. Plus, it’s a great way to stay cool on a warm summer night.

Cover all food and drinks

The scent of your food or drinks typically attracts pests. A mesh, wire or plastic food cover can be used to shield pests from indulging in your meal.

Purchase a mosquito net or invest in a screened-in porch

Instead of just protecting your food and drinks, protect yourself by purchasing a mosquito net. Better yet, invest in a screened porch.

Keep surfaces and areas clean

Keep surfaces clean of food and drink residue and dispose of empty plates and cups to help with your backyard bug control problem. It’s also important to keep any trash isolated and covered to prevent pests such as ants and flies from invading.

Sign up for mosquito and tick suppression

Bug Zero offers a service that targets plant foliage, shaded areas, and roof edges where mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and other outdoor pests frequent. This service is an add-on to our InsectaShield® residential service package.

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