Have you encountered bed bugs at your rental property? If not, the chances of coming across them in the future are high. Apartments/condominiums are one of the top locations for bed bug infestations. Knowing how to prevent and deal with these pests can save you time, money, and your reputation. Here are some tips.

Be Proactive

Be proactive by developing a plan of action. While you can’t control how cautious your tenants are when traveling or purchasing secondhand furniture, by having a plan of action, you can minimize the opportunity for the pests to reproduce and spread to other apartments. This plan should include:

  • How to inform or respond to the tenant
  • Getting in contact with a qualified pest management professional
  • Preparing the tenant for treatment

Be Educated

Educating yourself and your staff can aid in quickly managing a bed bug incident. This includes being able to recognize the bugs and signs of infestations. Indicators bed bugs are present is a musty odor, bites, bloodstains, fecal marks, eggs, shell casings, and live bed bugs. Because these pests are often misidentified as fleas and ticks, being familiar with their appearance will aid in providing the correct identification for your pest professional for treatment.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t rely on “at home” methods. Over-the-counter products such as the bed bug “bomb” canisters can worsen the problem by causing them to flee and infest other rooms.
  • Don’t require tenants to dispose of items in their apartments. Once treated by a pest professional, the items should be pest-free.
  • Don’t forget to inspect adjacent apartments to verify all infested units are treated.
  • Don’t relocate tenants to resolve the problem.
  • Don’t associate “clean” with “bed bug free.” Their presence isn’t a reflection of the cleanliness of a space.
  • Don’t withhold information from tenants regarding the problem. Keep communication open to manage the issue quickly and efficiently.

The last thing you will want to be stuck with when dealing with a bed bug infestation is narrowing down the right pest professional for you. Get established today with bed bug experts!