Bug Zero Traveling Tips

With lots of traveling in the winter holidays, there is a more significant chance of catching bed bugs. Bed bugs are some of the most infectious and hard-to-get-rid-of pests that can go undetected for a while. Once you notice them or their symptoms, it is too late and you are dealing with an infestation. Traveling is one of the most likely ways to come across these critters.

Pre-packing Tips

When selecting your suitcase, choose one with little to no folds and pockets. It is best to select a hard-cover suitcase with one zipper to deter anything from getting in. This type of luggage will deter bed bugs from jumping into your belongings before you have a chance to notice them.

Before Unpacking Your Luggage

People have a tendency to place their luggage on the floor or the bed to unzip it. The luggage rack is a great alternative when you first arrive to be sure no bed bugs infest your luggage.

This also includes purses and any other bags that a beg bug might slip into. Keeping your luggage off the ground and beds will deter bed bugs from getting into your things before you have a chance to notice them.

Where To Check

The mattress is one of the first places to look. Make sure to pull back the sheets and check the mattress thoroughly and the box spring. The furniture is the next place to inspect.

Pull up all cushions of couches and chairs that might be in your room. Bed bugs also hide in some bizarre places like the back of picture frames and electrical outlets. Check even in the places they might not be in, just to be sure.

If You Suspect Bed Bugs

If you are at all suspicious of bed bugs, go directly to the hotel office and request a change of rooms. It is way better to be safe than sorry.

Bed Bugs are incredibly hard to get rid of so it really is important to request a different room if you see one. Pick up all your things as quickly as possible and get out.

Back Home

When you arrive back home, it is imperative to inspect all of your luggage to be sure nothing traveled home with you. It is possible not to know when you bring bed bugs into your home through your luggage and bags. If you spot one, immediately call your local pest control company. Bug Zero is certified and licensed to remove bed bugs quickly and efficiently, but it is important to act fast.