If you’re a homeowner, you probably care about your home and want to protect it from damage. A single termite seems like it’s pretty harmless, right? But if you have a whole colony of these guys munching on your home, they can cause a whole lot of damage. In fact, these pesky pests are so menacing they cause roughly $5 billion in property damage annually.

If you’re worried that you may have a termite problem, be on the lookout for these signs.

  1. Mud Tubes – These will be found around the outside of the home.
  2. Hollow Sounds – If you hear hollow sounds when tapping on wood, it’s a good indicator that termites might have infiltrated.
  3. Bubbling Paint – Bubbling or uneven paint can suggest that termites are present.
  4. Termite Wings – Discarded wings near doors or windowsills may suggest the culprits have entered.
  5. Piles of Fecal Matter – If you notice a termite nest (a quick way to realize there’s a termite problem) with sawdust looking material (termite feces) nearby, they may be present.
  6. Darkening of Wood – Blistering or darkening of wood can mean that termites have made your home their own.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to prevent these pests and the destruction that they can cause.

  1. Repair any leaking things (AC, faucets, pipes, etc.) to prevent moisture.
  2. Repair loose mortar around the basement foundation and windows.
  3. Check your home for mud tubes.
  4. Keep a gap between soil and wood segments of your home.
  5. Consult a pest removal professional.

If you are ready to start a prevention and maintenance plan in your home, Bug Zero is right for you. Our friendly pest control professionals know the ins and outs of preventative pest care and are ready to help you prevent pests like termites today with our termite monitoring early detection system.

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Or, if you are building your dream home, check out our BoraCare treatment. We’ll pretreat any wood that directly contacts concrete and any plumbing penetrations in the concrete floor with BoraCare, which will protect against termites for the life of the wood. The active ingredient, borate salt, works by altering the digestive system of a termite, eliminating the pests before they can eat through the wood. Borate salt also doesn’t degrade over time, keeping your wood protected long term.

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