As the weather continues to drop and days get shorter, exterior pest pressure increases. Pests are looking for harbor-age areas for the winter and your home is a prime target.

Some helpful tips for protecting your home:

  • Ensure weather stripping below garage doors, entry doors and basement doors is in good working condition. If you can see daylight under the doors it is an entry point
  • Ensure landscaping and trees are not touching your home or business. Direct contact gives wildlife and insects easy access to your home
  • Do not stack firewood directly against the foundation of your home. Ideally stack wood off the ground and at least 10 feet away from your home
  • Remove leaves that are against your foundation. Leaves provide warmth and shelter for mice and insects


Check out the below KFVS 12 Story regarding Fall Pest Pressure and tips you can take to prepare your home this fall.