For years we’ve heard several common myths about household pests and insects. It’s time to bust those myths and find out the real truth!

Myth: A stinging insect must be provoked to sting
Truth: Many believe a stinging a insect must be attacked to sting, however an insect must only feel like they or their colony is at risk. This can happen by someone simply getting too close. Over half a million people are sent to the ER every year by stinging insects.

Myth: Mosquitoes are only active at dawn and dusk
Truth: While mosquitoes are especially active at these times, they can bite at any time they are looking for a meal. Mosquitoes not only cause itching and annoying red bumps they are also able to carry diseases such as the West Nile virus.

Myth: Seeing one ant indoors does not mean a full infestation
Truth: This may be partially true but ants leave an invisible chemical behind for other ants to follow indicating a food source. So when one ant finds a food source in your home you can be sure he’ll bring his friends. Most ants are harmless but some ants, such as fire ants and carpenter ants, can be harmful to your family and property.

Myth: I don’t need a professional, I can treat pests myself.
Truth: While homeowners can take certain measures to prevent pests, such as keeping pet food tightly sealed and removing standing water, the best way to ensure your home or office is pest-free is to enlist the help of a trained pest control professional. Using over-the-counter insecticides and sprays not only waste money and time, but they can also compound pest problems. Bug Zero’s technicians are trained to eliminate your pest issues, and ensure that pests don’t return.