Bug Zero has produced a “Bed Bug Heat Home Preparation Video”, which is available on our web site.
When treating bed bugs with heat, proper advance prep helps to assure 100% elimination of all stages – eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs.  Bed bug heat, or “Thermal Remediation” has proven to be the most effective method for timely eradication of bed bugs.  The fact that it is also environmentally friendly is an added bonus.  While it would be unwise to apply pesticides to bedding, heat carries no such concerns.  Clients can sleep in their own bed on the same day we’ve exterminated their bed bugs with complete confidence that all the bugs have been eradicated, and no risk of pesticide exposure.
The Temp Air heat equipment Bug Zero uses involves electric heaters rather than propane heaters (LP heaters) in order to avoid the risk of fire associated with gas heat systems.  We even provide our own electricity to power the heaters in the form of a 65 kw three-phase generator.
I would not wish bed bugs on anyone, but if you ever get them, call Bug Zero for safe and effective bed bug elimination.  We provide bed bug treatment services throughout the greater Springfield and Cape Girardeau service area.