Bagworms, Webworms, or Tent Caterpillars?!  What’s the difference?  One difference is the time of year each is active.  Evergreen bagworms attack cedars and other evergreens, using the needles to build their cocoon.  Attacked plants are partially defoliated, weakened and rendered unsightly. It is not uncommon for complete defoliation to occur.  Once they seal off their cocoons, insecticide applications cannot penetrate.  There is a brief window of opportunity each summer when the bagworms are vulnerable.  That time is now! If you miss it, your trees / shrubs can be damaged and the only alternative is to manually pluck the bags from your plants.
If you are a Bug Zero InsectaShield® Client, we will treat plants near your home for no additional fee.  Let us know if you are experiencing Bagworm problems. If you’re interested in this and other services we offer you can reach us at 417-831-7378 or 573-803-7828; we service both Southwest and Southeast Missouri.