Did You Bring Bed Bugs Back From Your Vacation?

When traveling for summer vacation, it’s important to check for bed bugs anytime you stay in a hotel, motel, resort, or other place that may have lots of unwanted visitors. You never want to bring an unwanted surprise into your home! 

Checking for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval-shaped pests that feed on the blood of humans. Their small shape allows them to fit into any space. While traveling, carefully check your accommodations before settling in. Inspect the room thoroughly for signs of bed bugs, such as tiny brown or black specks on the sheets or mattress. Pay special attention to the seams and corners of the mattress, as well as any upholstered furniture. 

Keep Your Luggage Off the Floor

Another way to avoid bed bugs while traveling is to keep your luggage off the floor. Instead, use the luggage rack or a hard surface like a table or dresser to keep your bags elevated. Bed bugs can crawl into suitcases and backpacks, hitching a ride to your home and spreading to other areas.

Be Proactive When You Get to Your Home

Even if you take all the necessary precautions while traveling, it’s still possible to bring bed bugs home with you. To avoid this, be proactive when you return home. Inspect your luggage and clothes carefully for any signs of bed bugs, and wash and tumble dry everything on high heat for 30 minutes. If you do discover bed bugs, contact Bug Zero right away to prevent an infestation.

Contact Bug Zero

Contact us about our chemical-free bed bug heat treatment. Bug Zero’s bed bug exterminators are trained in the proper use of Thermal Remediation® equipment and understand the behavior and biology of bed bugs. Armed with these tools and expertise, you can count on our technicians to ensure not a single bed bug is left inside your home! Schedule your service with Bug Zero TODAY!