Customer Service Representative, With Bug Zero Since 2020

Chicago, Illinois
What's your favorite part about working for Bug Zero?

The positive team atmosphere and the ability to work for a company I proudly stand behind!!

What is your training/certification/educational background?

I have worked in the medical field for seven years before deciding to switch gears and join the Bug Zero team!!!

Favorite TV shows or movies?

All-time favorite tv show FRIENDS… as far as movies I love a good comedy – Adam Sandler is probably one of my favorite all time actors.

Best way to spend the weekend?

Just being with my husband and sons… We love to spend time outdoors, whether that be on the farm with the cows, at a baseball field, or just in the back-yard romping around.

How do you take your coffee?
Black or if I’m feeling fancy than I add in flavored creamers; just depends on how I’m feeling that day!